Janette's Rhythm and Fitness 

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Quotes Janette is enthusiastic, hard-working, dedicated, patient, fun, inspiring, encouraging, and an amazingly talented dancer. Quotes
Annie Jensen

Quotes I started taking Zumba with Janette almost three years ago. After 2 classes I was permanently addicted. Not only is the music and dancing fun but even if I couldn't dance a step I would love to go just to watch. Janette's energy and skill as a dancer is infectious and wholly entertaining. Her ability to teach difficult choreography is amazing. She can break down a complex pattern of moves so that anyone can pick it up after a few tries. Her classes are never boring as she is continually adding new numbers for both advanced and beginning levels. I do not know where she finds the time and energy to do what she does. I have taken other classes all over the country and no one else can hold a candle to Janette. We are so lucky to have her as an instructor! Quotes

Quotes I wanted to try Zumba for a very long time, but with work, kids, etc. it was hard to find the time. Finally I went to one of Janette's Zumba classes and now I can't stop. I make time to go to her classes. She is the best instuctor ever. I would go to every class she has if I could. I think I may be addicted!!! Quotes
Jo Ann

Quotes Since having three kids and working full time it is so difficult to find the motivation and time to exercise like I should. Since I met Janette and started to take her classes I have found that I not only make time to go but I look forward to doing zumba with her! Her classes are loads of fun! She makes you feel like a star! :) Quotes
Zumba is FUN! FUN! FUN!

Quotes I did not know what zumba was until I meet Janette, I remember the first time I had ever taking one of her classes, I became addicted right away. She is the best instructor ever, she makes every class so much fun. I have lost alot of weight since I started her class , I did not even realize how much because it does not feel like your working out . Thanks Janette your are my inspiration to continue to lose weight. Quotes
Addicted !!

Quotes Janette has been a godsend. I've worked for so long to lose weight and nothing was working. After adding Zumba - but only Janette's - I'm finally having results. I've seen other instructors, but none of them have the intensity and the caring that Janette has. Thank you Janette. BTW, LOVE the calendar. Yay! Quotes
Dana Jones
Happy Zumbanette

Quotes Janette was my first zumba instructor and was responsible for my <3 and addiction to ZUMBA... Even though I moved out of the area, I still utilize Janette's inspiring enthusiam, awesome dance moves and her compassion in every zumba class I encounter!! Quotes
Zumba is great!!!

Quotes I love work-out and I have been trying every single thing I get oppotunities... however one thing I had hesitation to do. YES, that was ZUMBA. It took almost a year to try out. I still remember the first time I took Janette's Zumba class. I was so nervous because I was not the dance type of person; Dance & me??? NO WAY!!! Well, I had to push myself to do, but I found out that I was glad I did. I fell in love with Janette class. She welcomed everybody and brought amazing time with her awesome dance skills! It was so much fun I've never ever experienced before. That was how I started ZUMBA with Janette! I have been taking her classes for more than a year, I lost 10 pounds and my body has been toning by Zumba fitness which I had very difficult time to succeed with other fitness activities. Also I met sooo many wonderful friends through Janette's Zumba. Zumba acitivities change me physically and mentally! Thank you very much to introduce me Zumba, Janette! ZUMBA LOVE!!! Quotes
Zumba LOVE!

Quotes I took my very first class with Janette and feel in love with Zumba and re-ignited my passion for dance. She is a GREAT instructor and has moves like no other. I am so happy to have gotten to know her and her style, passion, and love for fitness and dance. Quotes

Quotes Janette has been an inspiration to me. Exercise it a bad word for me and Janette takes that word out of my life. Her workouts are fun, energetic and she keeps me movin'. I look forward to my time with her every week. Her attitude is uplifting. She keeps me motivated. My body hasn't been the same since I met her. In six months I lost over 15 inches on my body and I'm still going. My daughter enjoys doing Zumbatomic with her as well. Zumba is where you need to be if you are looking for a good time. You will get a workout without dreading over exercising. Thanks Janette! Quotes
Grateful Follower